Getting Traffic isn’t as Big of a Mystery as Marketers Make it Out to Be

In fact, if you look at the businesses of those that achieve long term success, they do so by being consistent in generating content.
Today, if you’re going to be consistent about anything, it needs to be video. Customers are using it to make decisions about marking purchase as well as seeking how to advice.

The question is how do you get your video in front of them and most importantly, how do you get them to pay attention. Well there are two solutions.

To get people to stay plugged into your video content. you need constantly need cutting edge information. Fortunately, you don’t need to create these ideas.

You probably already have some of it in the form of PLR, RR and MRR products. The key to creating good content is already on your hard drive But you also need a good medium to keep your viewers occupied. The easiest way to do this is to use Animated or Cartoon Style Videos.

Combine these cartoon style videos with the cutting edge information, and you’ll find that people WANT to share your videos on social media. The only thing that you’ll want to make sure of then is that you remain consistent with your content.
Animated Videos are popular amongst marketers now, not because they are a fad. They’re popular because they work.

There is something about them that keeps the viewer drawn to them. Perhaps it is seeing the cartoon come to life or it is the hand.

Regardless, they’re a great tool because they keep viewers long enough for you to make your sales pitch.
The truth of their effectiveness comes due to a little bit of cognitive science.

The brain is paralyzed as the pencil is drawing because we are hard wired to want to see something go to completion. In many cases, we aren’t even interested in the subject matter.

In other related sense, we are… as humans hard wired to move toward what we anticipate. When we see the drawings, our minds are trying to anticipate what comes next. We consider it a challenge. So converting your PLR into Animated videos is a smart way to create content.
One way to create new videos is to use your text or article based PLR products. You can take them as they are, edit them and then easily translate them into videos that your customer would like.

Think about this. Do you think your customer would rather watch a video or read an article?

I think we know the answer. So, you can start working toward getting more traffic by taking all of the PLR that you’ve invested in… finding the text articles and turning them into videos.

You can do the same thing with audio as you did with articles. The process is slightly different, but if you think about all of the content you have rights to, you probably have enough to create videos to keep your customer engaged for a long time.

This is very important to your business. So you can take the time, instead of having to create the content and focus on converting it instead.

In fact, once you have the content you want, the process is entirely outsource-able.

Here is what you’ll want to do. Take a look at all of the PLR audio you have. Take the best of the inventory and start thinking about which one would position you as an expert.

Then, get started. There is an easy process to move the audio to animated video, that you can learn more about here:
There is an entire course available that will show you how to take your PLR and turn it into animated videos.

It will walk you step by step through the process and give you recommendations for the cost effective resources to make it all happen.

The course is called Animation Jumpstart and its one of the best ways to get qualified buyers into your marketing funnel.

By getting viewers to stay focused until you’ve made your sales pitch your videos will bring the right peopleto buy.

Increasing your sales with qualified buyers is one of the best ways to grow your business without spending great sums on advertising.

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