Watch As I Show You Exactly What I Did To Kickstart My Udemy Courses In An Amazing Way, Backed By Screenshots & Proof

30+-Part Video Course Including Practical Examples

Succeed as a Udemy Instructor Without Paid Ads - Unofficial

Watch as I show you exactly what I did to kickstart my Udemy courses in an amazing way, backed by screenshots & proof.
What Will You Learn?
Understand what growth hacking is and how to apply it as a Udemy instructor
See real examples of my own promotions and advertising campaigns
Analyze the results of my Udemy marketing activities with real data and facts
Get a clear, simple and doable action plan that can be applied to any future Udemy course
Curriculum For This Course


* This is an evolving course - I keep adding daily videos since 27 January 2015 when my first course was approved

* This course is NOT about creating a Udemy course. I only cover promotional ideas and tactics

* I do not cover anything about recording, audio, presentation or submtting your Udemy courses

* I take screenshots every day, compile them into my Keynote presentation every week, and record the videos

Course Description

This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

Are you a new instructor in Udemy struggling to make sales? I know exactly how you feel!

In this course, I reveal what I did to not only survive, but make $637 in just under 30 days, for my very first course in Udemy. Forget the courses that give you pie-in-the-sky ideas on how to make sales in Udemy. This course is based on facts & data, and I hold nothing back!

I recorded everything I did on a daily basis as part of my "online marketing journal". I made mistakes, stumbled, and also achieved some shocking breakthroughs.

Join me on my journey LIVE as I utilize growth hacking concepts and 2 hours of my time every day to achieve my goal of making $10,000 in Udemy

Who Is This Course For?

* First-time or newbie instructors in Udemy who have not made any money

* Instructors who just got their first course approved and need an action plan

* Instructors who need to develop an action plan before actually creating a course

* Anyone curious about what it feel like trying to succeed and become a top instructor in Udemy

Udemy Business Kickstart - Video Course
30+ Video Lessons
More Than 4 HOURS of Content!
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Udemy Business Kickstart - Audio Companion Guide
30+ Audio Lessons
More Than 4 HOURS of Content!
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