Discover Bootstrap 3 By Using, Editing And Reverse Engineering Our Awesome Bootstrap Templates. Over 15 Themes Included!

20-Part Video Course Including Practical Examples

Web Development with Bootstrap - 16 Instant Themes Included!

Learn Bootstrap 3 by using, editing and reverse engineering our awesome Bootstrap templates. Over 15 themes included!
What Will You Learn?
Understand the main components of Twitter Bootstrap 3, and how to use them like a ninja
Use our customizable templates to quickly launch your own awesome, mobile-responsive website with very little effort
Get a complete, meaningful overview of CSS frameworks and how to use them effectively
Curriculum For This Course

* You will need basic knowledge of HTML and CSS before taking this course

* This course is paced at "medium to slow" and intended for absolute beginners - if you're an advanced developer, feel free to modify the speed of the video or skip over stuff

Course Description

Learn how to create beautiful mobile-first websites with Bootstrap 3. Built for beginners, and easy to follow!

The main component of this course is our collection of 16 reusable basic BootStrap templates that you can quickly copy and paste into your own projects to create amazing mobile-first websites - even if you have very little knowledge in working with CSS frameworks!

Of course, I also explain the basic elements of Twitter BootStrap 3, so you can experiment and hack the provided code to bits if you so wish to! I developed this as a fun, digestable course for beginners, but I believe intermediate students can still find amazing value.


Who Is This Course For?

* Anyone who wants to build mobile-responsive websites easily

* Non-geek entrepreneurs who want an easy way to prototype their ideas for a website or application
Bootstrap Web Development - Video Course
20+ Video Lessons
More Than 4 HOURS of Content!
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Bootstrap Web Development - PDF Companion Guide
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Bootstrap Web Development - Audio Companion Guide
20+ Audio Lessons
More Than 4 HOURS of Content!

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