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up Parent Directory 28-Jul-2017 02:11 - directory Graphic 28-Jul-2017 02:11 - [SND] v5-229-01-Introduction.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 14752k [SND] v5-229-02-what email Marketing is all about.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 16360k [SND] v5-229-03-How to Get Subscribers.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 12532k [SND] v5-229-04-Autoresponders and best email apps.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 12776k [SND] v5-229-05-the basic principles of powerful copywriting.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 14380k [SND] v5-229-06-the most effective email deliverability strategies (Part 1).mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 17604k [SND] v5-229-07-the most effective email deliverability strategies (Part 2).mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 11592k [SND] v5-229-08-an easy guide to targeting and segmentation.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 14944k [SND] v5-229-09-plan an email marketing calendar.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 12716k [SND] v5-229-10-avoid common mistakes.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 12868k [SND] v5-229-11-determining the optimal email frequency.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 8056k [SND] v5-229-12-testing the validity of its results.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 10640k [SND] v5-229-13-Funnel creation and engagement Strategies.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 11568k [SND] v5-229-14-get started with transactional email sending services.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 14128k [SND] v5-229-15-10 email styles that will increase open and click-through rates.mp4 29-Oct-2016 10:41 13384k [SND] v5-229-999-Frontend Sales video.mp4 30-Oct-2016 09:27 8860k

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