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If you’re like most people, you’re going to be super excited about what you’re about to learn about real life marketing strategy.

But, it’s possible that you also may be like most people in that the application of what you learn slows you down.

In fact, it makes some people give up altogether.

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I recorded a in depth course on taking your summit interviews to the next level, showing you even more strategies to help you leverage what you've learned.

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Video #1
Interview Method Overview

Video #2
Building An Unstoppable Brand

Video #3
Connecting With Your Influencer List

Video #4
How To Create Collaborative Content

Video #5
How to Reach Collaborators

Video #6
How to Optimize Your Content For Search

Video #7
How To Share Your Collaborative Content

Video #8
Reverse Engineering Brands in the Market

Video #9
Reverse Engineering Products In the Market

Video #10
Creating Products with Collaborative Content

Video #11
Collaborative Content: Concluding Thoughts

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