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ATTENTION INTERNET MARKETERS: Ready To Unleash the True Power of OptimizePress?

"Discover the Secrets of Creating Profitable High Quality Products that Keep Customers Coming Back for More…"

In this Course, You’ll Find Out How to Be Effective In Creating Fully Secure Products Using The Internet Marketing Standard of OptimizePress”


You’ve come to this page because you’re you want to very quickly get your products up and running. You like the idea of launching your products using OptimizePress with JVZoo or WarriorPlus.

The benefits of using this page creator, membership software along with the popular affiliate networks extend far into your business...

But in order for you to make the most these systems, you need to be able to quickly work through all of the angles of each software system without hitting “road blocks”.

That way, you’ll be able to create products quickly, recruit affiliates and be effective in earning high levels of income.

And I’ll tell you this, once you know how each of these systems work together…you’ll be launching more and earning more fastet.

Why Should You Master OptimizePress?

Because OptimizePress is the Easiest way to create professional looking sales pages without knowing how to code...and to be able to do it in any niche.

Plus it comes with an awesome Membership Plugin that allows you to create secure pages on the products you sell on JVZoo and Warrior Plus.

But it’s not easy to master unless you have somebody walking you through each step and each decision in the process.

Sometimes a decision you make in OptimizePress affects what you do in JVZoo, which then affects what you do in Warrior Plus.

But what’s the big deal with this? The big deal is that, once you know the system, you’ll never have to worry about creating unprotected pages and customers not loving your products. We’ve taken well over three hours to cover every scenario imaginable that you’ll run into.

We have figured out all of the tech issues with launching your product and broken then down and ordered them into step by step videos. You’ll know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it.

Unlike taking weeks of your time and thousands of dollars of your money, OptimizePress gives you a straightforward Page Creation System as well as a powerful Plugin to save and protect your content for your valued customers.

This means you can use more of your earnings on paid advertising and more time on recruiting affiliates than learning complicated membership scripts.
We’ve done all of the work for you…

Zoo Plus Press Will Give You The Control You’ve Been Wanting

Whether you’ve been wanting to do a quick secure product launch on Warrior Plus or a Full 3 Funnel Launch on JVZoo, we’ve taken all of the hard work out of the process.

Think of what it would be like to be able to walk through a Product Set Up and Launch Process just like you’ve been doing it for years...With absolutely NOTHING to fear from technical details…


Zoo Plus Press

Using OptimizePress To Create and Launch High Quality InfoProducts

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Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside of the 3+ Hour Video Course

The OptimizePress Guide (13 Videos)

What You’ll Discover In this Guide:

  • Wordpress Installation
  • Set Up and Tracking
  • Setting Up Login and Download Pages
  • Creating Effective Sales Pages
  • Creating Effective Opt-In Pages
  • Creating Thank You Pages
  • Setting Up Your Analytics and Sales Tracking
  • Integrating Your Autoresponder
  • Hiding Your Pages From the Search Engines
  • And So Much More…..

The OptimizeMember Guide (22 Videos)

What You’ll Discover In this Guide:

  • Protecting Your Pages
  • Using Amazon S3
  • Using Your Own Server
  • Setting Download Restrictions
  • Working With Paypal
  • Serving Downloadable Files
  • Serving Inline Files
  • Setting Up Your E-Mail
  • Testing Your System
  • And So Much More…..

The JVZoo Guide (8 Videos)

What You’ll Discover In this Guide:

  • Connecting Your System To JVZoo
  • Creating Your Product
  • Communicating With Your Customer
  • Setting Up Your Support Systems
  • Testing Your Systems…
  • And Much More More…..

The Warrior Plus Guide (5 Videos)

What You’ll Discover In this Guide:

  • Connecting Your System To Warrior Plus
  • Setting Up Your Products
  • Tricks For Maximum Sales in Warrior Plus
  • Moving Your Systems From JVZoo To Warrior Plus….
  • And Much More More…..

How Can I Start Learning to Use OptimizePress Right Now?

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I know you’ll love the ZooPlusPress and get use from it month after month.

…and to think, you’re getting all of it for just $17.00.

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