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Dear Entrepreneur,

InternetRetailer estimates that by the year 2017 online retail sales will grow to $434.20 Billion Dollars up from $296.70 Billion Dollars in 2014! This is the pefect time for you to jump into this space, and start your own ecommerce store.

Ecommerce Sales

Anyone can start an ecommerce store, and they can be run by one person in the comfort of their home or apartment. If you know how to source products correctly you don't even have to buy inventory until a sale is made. So this means you don't have to buy huge pallets full of products to get started.

Here is how the ecommerce business works in a nut shell.

You find products you want to sell in your online store, and you setup a special drop ship relationship with a supplier. When someone comes to your website and orders, you order the item from your supplier, and they ship the item to your customer. You get to keep the profit which is left over from the supplier. 

Here is an example of how this works out:

Product Sells For $49.95 - Product Cost + Dropship Fee of $26.35 = Profit of $23.60.

The best part of this all is that you didn't have to touch the item, spend time manually packing it up, or worrying about getting it shipped off to your customer. This the power of ecommerce. If you know how to leverage certain technolgies you can build a website with ease in the matter of a weekend.

These ecommerce retail websits can be built on the most popular content management platform available which is Wordpress. The only problem is that it takes specialized knowledge to be able to use this search engine frienfly, and simple to work with setup. That is what you get inside this WP Online Store training.

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Ecommerce Retail Stores Build You An Asset

Ecommerce retail websites are an asset that you can choose to sell down the road. So as you build your online store and generate sales you are building an asset up that you can also sell in the future. This means you are profiting today, and into the future. Here are just a few real life examples of ecommerce sites which are up for sale on a popular business for sale website. 

Notice the various niches they are selling in, and how much they are selling for! Just imagine if you could get a small piece of this! You could sell a website business, and after the sale purchase that vacation home you wanted, or payoff yoru current mortgage, or send your kids to college! This WP Online Store training teaches you how to builf a real life tangible asset which can be sold.

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What Would You Do With The Money?

After you started your online business, generated some side income, and sold your business what would you do with the money? The great thing is that you don't even have to sell it! You could just keep the business for yourself and continue making monthly income with minimal work required. 

Some of these businesses above required 6 to 8 hours per week! That is just time needed to process orders or maybe post new products. You could even outsource this if you wanted truly hands free income.

Rest assured if you are able to read this page, than you are able to setup your own ecommerce store. 

Introducing The WP Online Store Training Course

Inside this 11 video course you will get detailed training on everything it takes to launch a successful ecommerce store online! Here is a taste of what you will find in each video:

Video 1: Introduction Start Your Own Ecommerce Store Training

Gain a solid grasp on how ecommerce works so you can start moving in the right direction.

Videos 2: Choosing Your Niche 

This is the key component to launching a successful ecommerce store. If you are selling in the wrong niche your sales will tank! This video helps you select the right markets for yourself.

Video 3: Finding Suppliers & Sourcing Products To Sell

Before you can even start to build your website up you need to target a few suppliers in your space. In this video you will learn more about finding drop ship suppliers, working agreeements with them, how to approach potential suppliers, and more! 

Video 4: Start Your Store Correctly

This course will make sure your store is ready to go!

Video 5: Install Wordpress & WooCommerce

Leave this video with an understanding of how to install the two main technoligies that make this all work! Follow this step-by-step instruction for huge profits.

Video 6: Configure WooCommerce Settings

Get your WooCommerce settings just right so you can maximize your potential.

Video 7: What WooCommerce Offers

Here is more information on what WooCommerce has to offer you, and your online store.

Video 8: Adding Products To Your Store

Learn step-by-step how to add products to your store including the all important categorization of your content.

Video 9: Pricing Your Products Correctly

This video will explain how to price your products correctly so you can remain profitable and competitive.

Video 10: Top Ecommerce Traffic Strategies

Learn some of the best ecommerce traffic methods, and how to make them work for your online store.

Video 11: Selling Your Website

When the time is right to sell your new ecommerce asset this video will take you through that process from start to finish.

The bottom line is that if you want a fun, simple way to make money from your computer than this product is for you. So let me ask you this:

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What Is This WP Online Store Course Worth To You?

If you could build an ecommerce site that makes you an extra $1,000 per month, that is an extra $12,000 in the next year! I am sure you would say this is pretty valuable! What if you followed this training, and grew this website into an asset you sell for $275,000 in the next 4 or 5 years?

You would have to say this is pretty valuable, right?

The good news is that we aren't even going to make you pay $12,000 for this one of a kind training.

Now, the best news is that you don’t need to even pay $1,000 or even $97 for this course (though it’s certainly worth it). Because if you act now, you’ll get everything you see on this page for just $47 – and when this course helps you get your ecommerce store online, you can count on recouping your investment.

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Huge Benefit of Video Courses

If you want to TRULY UNDERSTAND how to do a new task, then you need to see it and hear it. Merely reading about it is not enough! That's why over-the-shoulder video courses like this one are so popular now. This training will help ensure you understand these strategies the best!

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