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This will change the fortunes of your business battle against other businesses and level the playing field on the Internet...

“Discover The Secrets To Dynamically Skyrocket Your Sales, Position Yourself As #1 In The Minds Of Your Prospects And Beat Your Competitors Flat!”

Read On To Find Out What Successful Businesses Like The Swatch Group, TESCO, AB Volvo, And Red Bull GmbH Have In Common...!

Web Branding DNA

Will You Yield The Same Leverage On The Internet As These Successful Movers & Shakers In The World Of Business? You Decide...

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Take a stab and ask yourself, "What do these successful companies have at least one thing in common?" (besides being successful and loaded with money, of course!)

THE SWATCH GROUP - biggest watch manufacturer in the world; grossed 5.94 billion in sales in 2007.

TESCO - third largest global retailer based on revenue; profits exceed 3 billion in British pounds!

AB VOLVO - supplier of vehicles and automobile found in 1927; world's best known and respected brand name in the automobile industry.

RED BULL GmbH - energy drink inspired by a Thai product; sold 3 billion cans in over 130 countries in 2006!

[Source: can be verified at wikipedia.org]

These companies sell their own line of totally different merchandise in totally different industries. Yet they can all relate to one thing when it comes to MASSIVE success.

It's called...

“Branding And Positioning.”

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Because if you think about it:

There are many other leading and prestigious brands in the watch and timepiece industry like Rolex and Tag Heuer yet Swatch remained the best selling brand.

TESCO is the leading hypermarket in many countries and has dominated the retailer industry, and in effect put many small-time retail shops out of business!

Although there are many brands to choose from in the car and automobile industry, Volvo cars pride themselves in being the "safest vehicle to drive"... even though when you look deeper, other cars are just as safe to drive!

Red Bull may be stored in the same refrigerator with other soft drinks and cold beverages, but people will never see Red Bull as the same drink as with any other.

Where I'm leading up to is the bottom-line: It's all about branding, branding, branding. Positioning, positioning, positioning.


"How To Translate Offline Success Principles To Your Success Online As An Internet Marketer..."

It doesn't matter (much) whether you're competing with other big players in the same field. And it doesn't matter even if you're fighting on the same landscape with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of other people on the Internet.

You know what TESCO has done to its small-time competitors who were just big by the numbers. And you know how the Swatch Group and AB Volvo fared against their prestigious rivalries in the same business.

And these big players in the Internet Marketing arena have already proved that it is possible.

Do These Names Sound Familiar To You? What is The First Thing You Think Of When You Hear Their Names?

John Reese - traffic generation expert

Mark Joyner - Internet Marketing godfather

Mike Filsaime - Butterfly Marketing methods

Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula strategist

"Okay, so those are the top guys. Good for them. But do the small guys like me even stand a chance?" Yes, these guys have set out to make a name for themselves in the Internet Marketing industry. But this doesn't mean that there's little or no chance for the little guy to succeed. They may be great at what they do but the Internet is TOO BIG for them and there are many areas in any industry on the Internet that you can easily pick your own ground and fight on.

And these people have set an example and proved it is possible, too!

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Who Says Domination Is Just For The Big Gurus?

Edmund Loh - Private Label Rights Extraordinaire

Liz Tomey - Resell Rights expert

John Delavera - Turbo software products

Ian del Carmen - Fireball Internet Marketing products

Jeremy Gislason - membership marketing expert

You might argue and say that these guys are in the big leagues too. But hey, everyone once started out humbly. These Internet Marketing figures were once in your shoes when they started out. And notice how they have branded themselves successfully that many people resort to these experts in specialized areas of Internet Marketing?

This is just one speck of an example. Branding has been repeated successfully throughout many other pockets of the E-Commerce pie: dating and seduction, Forex, self improvement, real estate, you name it. The list goes on.

What About You?

"A Growing Hole In The Internet Marketing Arena (and how you can exploit it!)"

You might or might not realize it. Heck, even many of the marketers who pride themselves as experts didn't! Although the Internet is quickly becoming a favorite vehicle of doing business for many people - from work-at-home parents and students to big time companies and SMEs - the profitability of the Internet comes at the expense of MASSIVE competition.

Basically, the more profitable the niche is the more competitive it usually becomes.

Take Internet Marketing for example. Many pockets of the Internet Marketing arena is growing profitable by compounds:

Search Engine Optimization - Pay-Per-Click - eBay - Information Products - Website Flipping - Domain Name Flipping - Resell Rights - Private Label Rights - Article Marketing - Product Launch - Joint Ventures - Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Programs - E-Book Publishing - Audio/Video - Copywriting - Graphic Designing - List Building - Traffic Generation - Social Media - Web 2.0 - Membership Sites - Tele Seminars and Webinars


While the good news is that almost anyone can become an expert at anything, this also means there will be a sub-market saturated... with yep, you've guessed it... self-proclaimed experts!

You need to separate yourself from the chaff of competitors - and you can do this only by distinguishing yourself from the rest of the thousands of them. Unfortunately, many Internet Marketers - experts included - aren't aware of the power of branding (until this course came along, of course).

Branding yourself is the first step you need to take to stand out from the rest of the wanna-bes.

If you're a newbie, you need to brand yourself first.

If you're a resell rights marketer, you need to brand yourself too.

And if you're an expert in anything, all the more you need it - because there are many other experts who know more or less than you do!

Want instant feedback?

Ask people around you in your business what they think of you. If they haven't identified you as a leading expert in your area of expert, you are in urgent need of this...

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“Introducing Web Branding DNA...”

Envelope Your Internet Business In Powerful Branding Secrets To Launch To Greater Heights!

Web Branding DNA

Brand Dynamics for Internet Marketers is a full-fledged audio/video home study course that you can download immediately after purchase. What took me months to study the most successful brand builders in the Internet Marketing arena and fusing with my knowledge on offline marketing success brings to birth this 45 minute course, all distilled and broken down into easy, actionable steps!

You will be getting download access to 5 Training Modules in the form of Flash Videos and MP3 Audio, 5 PDF Transcript for you to read while listening to the audio/video + 1 Bonus Action Checklist.

Here's a more detailed look at my step-by-step course:

Video 1 - The Brand Dynamics Mindset

Web Branding DNA

How to use the Brand Dynamics method to distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors - whether there are hundreds or thousands of them, you can now render them irrelevant just as TESCO did to other small-time retailers!

How to pick and choose the best grounds on the hill before you start competing with other businesses! This is a must know if you are entering a highly competitive niche like the Internet Marketing arena.

How to get the best type of buyers - the ones with more money to spend and less excuses to make - and get them to trust you!

How to develop Attraction Marketing - get people to go to you rather than YOU go to people!

Want an on-going, steady stream of customers? Think like a L_ _ _ _ _ _!

And much more!

Video 2 - Identifying Your Brand DNA

Web Branding DNA

Secrets to building a laser-focused, public identity that lasts! (hint: this is the same reason why hundreds of thousands of people saw Internet Marketing legends like Mark Joyner, Jay Abraham, Mike Filsaime, and Jeff Walker... as Internet Marketing legends!)

How to capture the attention of the market - any market of your choice - by the masses using the "Blue Ocean" approach!

The secrets to building your Branding DNA Statement - _ _ _ Are You + _ _ _ Buy

How to attract the right choice of buyers with money to spend to your websites - and how to avoid getting untargeted buyers (that normally result in massive refunds, angry, unsatisfied and unreasonable people!)

And much more!

Video 3 - Your Brand Communication Style

Web Branding DNA

How to communicate the right message to potential buyers - and that they will pass the same message to other potential buyers!

How to craft your websites so that they have a distinguished look that once your prospect sees your website, they know it's YOU!

Secrets of persuasion to press your prospect's hot buttons that will make them buy from you over your competitors... even if you both sell a similar product!

SEO Experts always talk about getting good Search Engine rankings. I will show you how to get good "SEO" score in the minds of your prospects! So that every time they face a new problem your product can deal with, they think of you FIRST!

A strong, under-utilized leverage that builds your credibility BIGGER than if you had tried to do it on your own!

And much more!

Video 4 - Broadcast Your Brand To The World

Web Branding DNA

How to start marketing yourself to a pool of targeted audience... even if you're new to the traffic generation challenge!

How to create short, effective messages that sells you and your product at a FREE or low-cost expense! Most people who are starting out online are always running their business on a budget. This strategy shows you how to get enormous leverage for your buck even if you're doing this on a shoe-string basis.

Why your BIGGEST asset for your business is in your L _ _ _!

Discover 5 freely available tools on the Internet that you can use to build your brand, establish your presence and capture the minds (and hearts) of your buyers! (a rough idea: one of these tools have helped renowned 7-figure copywriter Kenneth Yu to get $10,000 in consultations, JVs, copywriting projects, and product sales! Previously, he was a nobody!)

How to use blogs to build your brand like successful bloggers do! John Chow, moneyshoemaker, Gobala Krishnan...

Secrets to using the Internet's #1 social networking site to create your professional business profile and position yourself as the #1 go-to expert!

And much more!

Video 5 - Brand Domination: Real-life Case Studies of Ordinary People Using Personal Branding to Dominate the Market Place

Web Branding DNA

In this special module, I reveal my insider third party case study with 3 highly successful Internet phenomenons who have used branding to their advantage... when thousands of other competitors forfeit this to them!

Bear in mind that while Brand Dynamics is targeted towards Internet Marketers, the strategies are relevant and still apply regardless of whichever niche you enter in the Internet marketplace.

I also reveal the step-by-step secrets to niche domination using branding methods from a highly renowned dating/pick-up artist and the other, believe it or not, a mere movie critic!


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"Why Being #1 Is Important..."

Several pockets of niches on the Internet are growing exponentially competitive and this makes the #1 position more and more valuable. The good news is, it is possible to become number one if you choose your battles wisely.

Simply put: you cannot wind up being just another "me too" marketer. Nobody listens to "me too" marketers. Not even you.

And if you want to be taken seriously you must position yourself as a go-to authority figure. And when you brand yourself effectively, you will attract a truckload of buyers with money in their hands, ready to be lined into your pockets.

Isn't this a marketer's dream come true?

Well if you're at least a wee bit practical you will know that just dreaming about it won't get you anywhere. You need to take the first step and invest in "the stuff" between your ears. (read: your mind is your most powerful asset!)

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"So How Much Is It Going To Cost You?"

How much is it going to cost you IF you don't invest any effort at all in branding yourself? It will wind up being the BIGGEST expense you will ever pay: your own success. And then you will wonder why some people are enjoying what you want to have, and why some people who, although started late, still zoom past you and grab your share from the competitive marketing field.

So Who needs Brand Dynamics?

If you are a newbie who is just starting out but don't know what you want just yet, don't know what to do, and especially don't know how to stand out from the rest of the crowd of other newbies.

If you are an expert but find yourself entangled in a competitive battle with other experts and wanna-bes who want a lion's share of your business.

If you have a product or service that other competitors are already offering so you want to position yourself to get as many buyers as you want.

If this sounds anything like you then you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Because although Brand Dynamics teach you methods to propel your Internet Business to greater heights - the methods can be applied in just about any profitable niche with demand - it won't cost you thousands of dollars. (though it probably is worth just that)

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Web Branding DNA

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