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If someone had a great way to earn consistent income easily, it would probably take no less than a gun to the head to get them to spill the beans.

So if I were to make a claim that we have some of those SNEAKY techniques for you right now, would you call me nuts?


Listen up.

That’s what we’re doing…

And I’ll explain everything (I promise)!

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I know that since you’re reading this, you’re most likely a pretty smart person.

So if I were to make a claim that every day, completely normal people can make well over 6 figures a year doing things they enjoy… how would you respond?

        What if I told you that a 7 year-old boy is currently making over $100,000 per year for his family?

      Or what if I told you that a former kindergarten teacher made $17,000 in just one hour?

      Or even that a teenage girl pulling at least $40,000 a month… just by shopping?

What is the platform that well over 1,000 partners are making over $100,000 per year and beyond?

Can a 7 year old boy really be able to make that much money, even with the help of his father?

Or the former kindergartner teacher who’s now making over a million dollars a year?

Let’s see if you can guess!


It was originally a dating site…

It’s a website that has over a billion active users…

It’s a website that gets over a trillion views ever year…

And commands over 50% of all US traffic.

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Have you guessed what it is yet?...

4 billion VIDEO views every day

6 billion hours of video watched each month

That’s 22,816 years in just a single day

It’s Obvious That YouTube Is Taking Over

The fact is that all those stats I just went over are OLD.
YouTube hasn’t been talking about their current statistics…
Or the fact that the revenue for partners has doubled every year for the past 4 years in a row.

Most YouTube partners don’t even disclose how much they make.
So it’s really not at all surprising.
And you shouldn’t be surprised either. Simply because: People are NUTS about video.

Ever heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”?
Well Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research concluded that one video is worth around 1.8 million words.

Videos are like pure gold these days.
And normal, everyday people are making astonishing amounts of money from them all the time.
In fact, some of the top earners just play video games:

“Pewdiepie” (est. $7 million) TobyGames” (est. $4.2 million)   BlueXephos” (est. $6.7 million)

Those guys make around $18 million a year combined as the lowest possible estimate.
Michelle Phan made videos for tips on using cosmetics… now she has become a global brand.

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Many of these people are YouTube’s top-earners, and they have become superstars due to their YouTube success.
But that is NOT what we are doing today.
I just want to drill in the fact that YouTube is simply a massive POOL of traffic and opportunity.
There are sneaky ways to use it in order to generate real money.

I’m Talking About Instant Gratification…

Everyone nowadays is talking about YouTube:
•    Using it to drive enough traffic to crash a server…
•    Becoming a YouTube sensation with a viral video overnight…
•    Using it to instantly rank #1 in the search engines and literally skyrocket sales…

But the fact remains:.

Using YouTube to rank sites or becoming a successful partner is HARD.

Very few who set out to become a successful partner actually make it.
It’s obvious that the big earners are the “viral stars”.
Unfortunately, there is really no magic way to make things go viral.
Sure, there are some things you can do in order to increase your chances.
Nothing is guaranteed though.
But it’s actually a GOOD thing for you.
It drives most of the people away who are looking to earn from YouTube.
They can see the amount of work required and how little return they would get, and off they scurry to something else.
Which leaves the gates wide-open for people like you and me!


Featuring 9 “Under The Table” Ways To Earn From YouTube This Week

#1 Earn money by posting fun videos to YouTube
Many people are earning well over 6-figures by posting videos of things they love to do anyway. How does it work? Well, when you watch a video on YouTube, there’s usually an ad that plays. When someone clicks on one of these ads (or simply watch them), you get some money through the YouTube partner program.

#2 – “Rent” a Viral Video
You can send thousands of laser-targeted eyeballs to your own products, eBooks, affiliate offers, Amazon products, etc. You can easily rent these videos for pennies, and receive all the great benefits in return.

#3 Get ranked on Google Page 1
The fastest way to get ranked for almost any keyword on page #1 is using YouTube videos. Google owns YouTube and greatly favors them over nearly everything else. So with an awesome video targeted a profitable keyword, you can drive traffic to your own products and offers and get hordes of traffic not just from YouTube, but organic Google search results.

#4 Set up a YouTube channel for local businesses as a service.
A lot of business owners know nothing about the internet or how to use YouTube… but they understand the benefits that it can provide! That’s where you come in. You can easily charge these business owners at least $500 to set up their YouTube channel, and go on to earn passive revenue every month by maintaining it!

#5 Cash in with the YouTube “sponsored ads” program.
For some keywords on YouTube, it’s nearly impossible to rank. There is just too much competition. Luckily, YouTube solved this problem by adding the Sponsored Ads program. You can “rent” the first results for literally pennies on the dollar:

#6 – Use free YouTube hosting to deliver your video info-products…
All you have to do is shoot a simple screen-capture video about any subject, upload the video to YouTube, load up the video link in a Word document, and save it as a PDF. You can then list this PDF for saver on places like Fiverr.com, and reap all the benefits.

#7 – Generate affiliate revenue from digital product review videos…
This method is similar to the other, except instead you just review products and offers, and include your affiliate link in the description. Some of YouTube’s top earners are making millions doing this every single year.

#8 – Shoot a “Hollywood” book trailer to promote your Kindle eBooks…
If you’re into publishing books on Kindle, YouTube is a great way to send a lot of traffic from outside Amazon. All you have to do is create a “trailer” for your book, and it’ll no doubt generate thousands of unique visitors straight to your sales page.

#9 – Sell physical products with reviews & “unboxing” videos…
Many people are making well over 6-figures just by purchasing new products and recording themselves opening it. They then use the product and review it (recording the whole thing), and posting affiliate links below the video. How’s that for simplicity?

You’ll find simple tactics like that in Video Tube Secrets in a step-by-step fashion, along with many more easy YouTube “money-getting” secrets

A Big Problem For Many Is Competition…

So we’ve developed an easy-button solution for pre-positioning all your videos.
In a nutshell, it’s an “x-ray vision” right over your competition.

•    Instantly find all the hottest YouTube niches.
•    Compile valuable data from hundreds of competitors simultaneously for analyzing…
•    Take all the guesswork out of getting successful keywords, videos, descriptions, and rankings.
•    Unlock a flood of targeted video traffic.
•    Works on Mac & PC!

No one likes to do research, and Video Tube Spy does hours of it in a matter of seconds.

There’s nothing else like this at all.

So what are you getting with Video Tube Secrets?

  • 9 “under-the-table” ways to earn from YouTube that no one else is talking about.
  • Complete YouTube 101 training to learn how to take advantage of the video mogul, even if you know nothing about it…
  • Instant YouTube “Gratification” Techniques to make as much as possible as quickly as possible…
  • Wicked fast “xyz” secret money-system…
  • Awesome “X-ray” software to save hours of time and get the best possible advantage for whatever you do…

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So not only are we giving you under-the-table earning techniques, we are also shouldering all the risk.

Think about it…
There is so much massive potential with YouTube and we are really giving away our best money-getting secrets.

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