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Do You Want To Make
Real Money On The Internet?

Have you been looking around online for  a way to make some extra money?

Are you having a hard time trying to find a REAL, honest way to make extra income working from your home?

Do you wish that you could create your own information products so that you were looked at as an authority in your niche?

We are going to go over the solution to making real money online so that you don't end up on an endless search for that elusive "money maker"...

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From: BOMV

Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

I'm glad that you made it to this letter because I'm going to be sharing, what I think is the best opportunity for making a living online ever.

This isn't affiliate marketing or any of the other money making schemes that you've probably seen being marketed online.

This is a real world way for you to take complete control of your financial future and start increasing your income.

Best of all, you don't need to be a "guru" or product creation expert to make this happen because we guide you every step of the way.

You'll find that the information revealed in this letter is going to clear up all of the fog for you when it comes to generating income on the Internet so make sure you read it right now.

The first thing that you must know is that...

You NEED Your Own Product To Make Consistent Income Online!

You may have heard someone preach that you need your own product to make a living on the Internet and while that isn't completely true, here's an easy way to understand that analysis...

You CAN make money without your own product by promoting other people's products as an affiliate but if you stop promoting their product, you stop making sales.

If you OWN the product, you can get an army of affiliates to promote it and they will be the ones promoting while you continually make sales.

You see, when you have your own products, you can build up a loyal army of affiliates that will continually be pushing your product.  If one stops for a week, you may have hundreds of others still promoting.

Do you see the big difference in having your own product to promote and open up to the potential of affiliates marketing it for you, versus promoting someone else's product as an affiliate?

Now, don't get me wrong, You can make a lot of money promoting affiliate products, but you can make a lot more with hundreds or thousands of affiliates promoting your products.

Let affiliate drive you thousands of customers that will all purchase your products all while being added toyour customers list and being places into your customer funnel.

After that, you can follow up with your new clients as much as you want for the lifetime of your relationship with that customer.

But there's something that you should know...

eBooks Are Losing Their Ability To Sell...  

Now, I'm not going to say that eBooks aren't selling anymore because they do sell if you promote them properly.

What I am saying is that response on eBook products is going down and the profits aren't what they once were.

What's taking over are Multimedia products which are converting at a much higher rate than eBooks ever did! The Greatest part is most Multimedia products are way easier to create than an ebook!

You may have seen products like this in the form of audio courses that give you all the content in a format that you can listen to in your car, on your PC, or even on our iPod as you workout!

You also may have seen video products released a lot lately, specifically screen capture video training, that offer an incredible amount of interactivity.  This is the kind of product we are going to focus on for selling online.

The Internet is going Multimedia so it's natural that a multimedia product is going to sell much better than a plain eBook.

You're probably thinking "But how am I going to create a video product that looks professional and makes people want to buy?"

And here's the answer...

Introducing The Info Product Creation Machine Multimedia Training Seminar!

Create Your Own High Converting Products Easily!

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  • Create Your Own Video Product Even If You've Never Created A Single Video!

  • Easy To Follow Steps That Make Your Product Creation Fast & Simple!

  • Be A Respected Authority In Your Market Overnight Without Big Expense!

Info Product Creation Machine Is Loaded With Hot Information & Tips...

The Info Product Creation Machine video seminar is going to give you all of the information you need to get going online.

You'll learn how to start creating hot video products in no time no matter what your experience level.

Follow the step by step instructions for easy to accomplish results and real profits.

The information in the Info Product Creation Machine course is tested, tweaked and developed from years of success in online business.

You're going to be a product creating machine in no time by simply applying a few of the strategies that we share with you!

Creating High Grade Video Products Online Has Never Been So Easy!


Your Info Product Creation Machine video set helped me create my own video product in no time.

I didn't have to hire anyone or spend a bunch of money creating some major production.


Brian Polish
Butte, Montana

Can I Really Make Professional Video Without Being An Expert?

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Now, I know that you may have this question running around in your head so I wanted to address it right out of the gate...

There's no doubt that anyone can make money with the Info Product Cash Machine system.

It's so easy that a grade school student could understand it and even if you're a total "newbie", this will be totally within your reach of understanding and application.

Listen, when I said that this is the information right out of my personal playbook during the last few years of successful video product creation, I meant it.

And I'm not a "techie" type of person.

I don't know how to make a hit movie, setup software on websites or do any kind of graphic design.  What I do know is how to get things done fast and in a way that makes money.

This is all reflected in my no fluff, 100% meat and potatoes information outline that you'll get once you crack open your copy of this video seminar.

What Will I Find In The Info Product
Create Machine Video Seminar?

Here's an actual screenshot from the interactive, multimedia menu that comes with your product...

Here's just some of what you'll be uncovering in the course...

  • Multimedia Training Facility - The video training course comes complete with an easy to navigate (as you can see above) multimedia access screen for easy access to your videos and easy tracking of your progress!
  • Tested Information Only -You can expect to get only information that has actually made real money on the Internet creating real world video products that can easily be created, sold and maintained.
  • Simple Application Tips -Even if you're a complete newbie, you are going to find applying the information in the Info Product Creation Machine video seminar easy to follow via the complete system breakdown.
  • Non-Techie Training - This system was created with the new video creation enthusiast in mind.  Everything is broken down step by step and every step is analyzed and described in full detail for ease of understanding.
  • Proven Information With Proven Results - You're getting access to the same system that has created millions upon millions of dollars of profit for people all over the Internet.  Best of all you get to view it instantly from the comfort of your own home.
  • Additional Resources - To give you a further boost and excel your progress, we are going to give you access to additional tools to help you get started fast!  You're going to love these resources and recommendations!

Don't You Want Financial Freedom?

I don't need to make another laundry list of features here to make you understand the value of the Info Product Creation Machine video seminar.

After all, what is complete financial freedom worth to you?

What would you do with your time and life if you had enough money coming in to eliminate all worry about financial security?

Can you really put a price on that?

I don't think so.

And before you think that I'm trying to lead up to a ridiculously high price, let me stop you.

All B.S. aside, this video course works and I know it will work for you.  Invest a little bit now to save yourself loads of time of trial and error in the future. I want to see you succeed and I will personally be there for you via e-mail if you need help.

I also want you to be able to afford the information that I'm going to share with you so I'm going to let you grab my video seminar for a measly $47 bucks.

Go ahead and grab the videos for the cost of a cheap dinner out for two and start on your own road to financial freedom!

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In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you, I'm also going to add the following three hot bonuses to your order at no charge if you try my system right now...


My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You...

Listen, if you don't agree that this it the most valuable resource for making money that you've ever used, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot..  No hard feelings and no questions asked.

In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an entire 12 months after you get everything!

That's right, 365 days to use and profit from these incredible secrets and information, if you do not feel the "Info Product Creation Machine" has earned you at least 50 times what I am asking you to pay for it today, then I insist you ask for (and receive) an immediate refund.

And if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the 3 bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

If you don't like my software for any reason, any reason whatsoever such as you can't use my Info Product Creation Machine or these techniques are just not making you the kind of money that you thought it would, - then a refund is yours.

I am that sure- that when you see how powerful a money maker this software is, you will not even think of wanting a refund!

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This video seminar gave me more immediately applicable information than I've ever gotten out of any course.

I've already sold 9 copies of my first product which means your course has paid for itself 6 times over!

Travis Little,
Nashville, TN