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Dear Future Passive Income Earner,

You?re reading this letter because I got scammed a while ago into buying a 100% worthless ?work-from-home, be an Amazon Affiliate millionaire system? that didn?t work?written by someone who didn?t know the first thing about actually making the passive income you need to quit your job.

Let me tell you, my pain is 100% your gain.

I don?t really want to talk about names here?

We don?t want to call anyone out, but you would recognize the name of the product I purchased.

You see, the problem here is that I purchased a shiny, expensive ?how to make money with Amazon? course thinking that it was going to show me exactly how I could build a sustainable income that would use ?the latest, real-world techniques? to make money as an affiliate. The idea was to quit my job after I was making $6,000-$10,000 per month. Here?s what happened, I found out that 99% of this program was theory. It was untested without a single shred of reliable proof?I should have known when I bought it. There was no proof that the person who made it knew what they were talking about.

Instead of asking for a refund for that product, I put my blind faith in the person that created it and did everything they said.

I created websites, found micro-niches, purchased SEO services that I know now I didn?t need then, creating sites that were supposed to bring me windfalls only to find out that they were completely worthless.

In fact, the sites that I created once were worse than nothing.

I lost money.

That was money I didn?t have to lose.
It Was At That Moment That I Almost Gave Up Trying To Find A Way To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate.
You see, I was in a unique situation at the time?well I guess it wasn?t all that unique?but the point is, I was just trying to make money as an Amazon Affiliate part time. I had a full time job that I really wanted out of, so making money immediately wasn?t really necessary.

So when I went through the course, and lost all that money first on the course and then on the sites I purchased, the ideas I tested, content I paid for and SEO tools I bought, I was about to give up trying to use Amazon affiliate sites to make money.

But I tell you what, it was so hard to kick the Amazon Affiliate habit.

Every time I looked online there was another product being sold, another person out there telling me that I could make the kind of money that would change my life. People were talkingabout $10,000 per month in the 1st few months, over $20,000 per month in under a year. I knew that there must be a better way to work as an Amazon Affiliate?a better way to research niches, a better way to create websites, and a better way to handle SEO.

But you know what? I didn?t have any money left to spend on fancy programs that I knew were going to hang me out to dry anyway. So I created my own program.

I liked the idea of using Amazon products?things that were already there and ready to sell, stuff that I didn?t have to create?to make money. So I went to work, and built the system that I?m about to share with you right now.
This Is Exactly How I Turned This Experience Into Profit?
$300 Per Day Profits To Be Exact...
You see, I quickly realized what everyone was doing wrong as an Amazon affiliate?and really wrong with MMO altogether. Building sites incorrectly, taking shortcuts that will never pay off, deciding to try for a quick buck instead of playing the long game that can actually pay off?

Too many people were in for a quick buck and every time Google changed the rules, they had to adapt. On top of that, the most important thing I learned, is that people trying to make money as an Amazon Affiliate were looking in all the wrong places, looking at all the wrong products, and trying to target niches that simply were too crowded and never going to be profitable.

When I realized these important truths, I went right back to the basics of what I knew about making money online.

I focused on niches with untapped potential.

I focused on strategies to make money in the long term.

I focused on doing SEO the way Google likes it, building social links that shot up page rank and with it, my authority.

I started working some new angles too, testing here and there, pumping out site after site.

It was hard work.

And then something happened...

I started making enough money to quit my job.
Here?s What My Amazon Affiliate Payouts Look Like Right Now:
Every single one of those red payout lines is a check that Amazon sent to me.

That?s almost $9,000 per month at the end of last year. That?s $300 per day!

Now, I knew the truth about business, it?s something that just about every successful entrepreneur says: "If you can't replicate your system from scratch and produce the same results, then you aren't a real business."

And if you look at that list of payouts?you?ll see, month after month, across years, leading up to right now, I?ve been building out, scaling, and replicating the system I?m about to show you over and over again.

Yeah?it takes some time to get to this level, but it only took me one month of serious work to get off the ground with this system.

You want to know how much I was making after I realized that this system was scalable?

?$3,000 per month!

And that?s part-time money!

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I want to show you exactly how to get the same results.

I know that you can do it!

All you need to do right now, is follow the step-by-step video training that I?ve put together which shows you exactly how I created a product review site that can be replicated in different niches over and over again.

This is where it starts!

You don?t need any background in making money online.

You don?t need to have an Amazon Affiliate account.

You don?t need to understand SEO, how to build a website, or anything like that yet?

All you need is this?

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Wait, I?m Just Getting Started?
I want you to order this course right now. I really want to help you change your life?

But, I know how skeptical you might be of offers like this that you see on the internet.

There?s a good reason for that. If you remember my story, I?m skeptical about everything.

That?s why I?m including this bonus right now, and a 100% money back guarantee. So, set aside your fear of ordering another product that might not work (because this one is guaranteed) and think about what I?m going to give you for free that will guarantee your success!

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Here?s To Your Success,

Paul Nicholls