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Dear Friend...

If you ever tried to make money on sites like fiverr.com and failed, then you probably went about it the wrong way, or read one of those $2 eBooks written by a ten year old and tried to follow their advice?

Don't get me wrong, if you do things wrong from the start, then you are setting yourself up for failure on these micro job sites because they have a certain formula for making things work in your favor. Get that wrong and you will find it hard to recover.

Take it from me. In my own personal experiences, I have had Gigs declined, accounts put on suspension (when it was not even my fault), and even had people "bomb" my ratings on purpose to get my gigs to be questioned.

But enough of my own past issues, lets talk about the future and how you CAN ACTUALLY MAKE A GOOD INCOME ON THESE WEB SITES!


One of the drawbacks on these sites (especially Fiverr.com) is that when you start out, your income potential is very limited. As you may already know, Fiverr takes One Dollar of your hard earned cash for each Gig you sell and then hold the remainder in their payment queue for a few days to ensure everyone is happy etc before releasing you your cash.

The other pain in the neck is at this point, the only way you can withraw money to be paid is with a verified PayPal account. Not only does this mean that you cannot play with Fiverr unless PayPal supports your country, but you are then subject to their own transaction fees.

This can mean you end up with something lousy like $3.75 in your pocket :(

The key here is to work smarter not harder and actually plan out how you are going to make your money, but more importantly how you are going to ramp that up to make more for doing no extra work.

I think you get the idea?

What if you could magically make 100% more profit on your Gigs by doing NO EXTRA WORK?


Allow me to offer an example to show my point!

Let's say you are a designer and love to do logos, cartoon characters, banner ads, or perhaps Twitter backgrounds or Facebook designs.

Where many people go wrong is they set up a Gig to work something like this:

  • 468x60 Banner Ad for just $5

Nothing wrong with that you might say, and you would be right :). But then they go adding more offers to upgrade by doing something like this:

  • 2 Banner ads for $10 (two more gigs)
  • Animate your banner ads for just $5 more (one more gig on top)
  • Get a pack of 8 banners for just $30 (six gigs)

In the first upgrade, they just doubled their work load and yet still kept their earning rate the same. It may be a little faster to design another banner once the first is done, but the reality is it still means more time to the op.

The next upgrade leaves them with even more work to do, again not increasing their earning rate per gig. And then the final upgrade is just plain stupid. It may look at first glance like it great because its more money in the bank, but all they are doing here is piling on their own pressure and workload, yet still not increasing their earning rate.

Earning Rate per Gig?

The reason I have not put hourly rate here is that it will depend entirely on the project you are doing, and your own personal way of thinking/billing.

On top of that, if you take one hour to complete just one gig, you are on a losing streak from the get go. Let's be honest, $3.75 per hour is not the best of wages unless you live in a country where a monthly wage of $400+ is fantastic.

So how can you increase your income and not increase your time? Its actually pretty straight forward and the easy way to do it is in your Gig Description.

Lets take our first banner guy as an example. The way he can easily increase income by doing no extra work would be as follows:

  • 468x60 Banner Ad delivered as jpg in just 72 hours for just $5
  • png and gif format available for just $5 extra
  • PSD file supplied for $10
  • Rush job - Delivery guarantee within 24 hours $10.

Do you see how the workload of this person has not increased in any way, yet their pricing now lends itself to a better Gig rate?

In the standard gig, the person makes $4 (before PayPal fees). If the order is increased to include PSD file and delivered within 24 hours, the person now makes $20 (before PayPal fees). Even if this is one hour of work to complete. Earning $20 per hour has got to beat $4 anyday!

The awesome thing about fiverr.com is that they now made it MUCH EASIER for you to do all this by adding in a facility called Gig Extras. I see many top sellers charging $100 just to deliver their gig faster :)

Build a Profitable Business Just By Following
Our Video Tutorials and Putting them into Practice

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The great thing about our video tutorial course is that it takes you from a standing start and tells you what you need to do in order to be great on Fiverr. From examples of what to do right and what not to do, through to setting up your account the RIGHT WAY from the start. Yes, you can actually open your account wrong in the first place :)

We will show you what sells on Fiverr. How to get those Extra Gigs going early on, the best way to list your Gig to begin with and much much more.





What Gigs Should you Do?

How to Get Your Account Set up Right

How to Ensure Success

How to Avoid Trouble Along the Way

How to Get the Fiverr Editors to Love You

How to Start your Business then Ramp
It up for Top Income Potential

Plus you will watch over my shoulder as I show you the TOP Giggers on Fiverr and exactly what they are doing to earn the big bux!

With all this content & Help from Our Video Guides, it will not take you long to start making more money through sites like Fiverr.com!



No course would be valid unless it walked you through from the very beginning and showed you the ropes and how to get it all right from the very first attempt. We walk you through each process holding your hand as we go!




Introduction Video

In this video, we take a look at the content inside the course, and get the low down.

Getting on Fiverr

Follow the rules and regs and do your homework BEFORE you go creating an account. It can and most likely will make all the difference to your results and even if you get accepted for gigs in the first place!


Standing Out - How to Set Up

Ideas to help you set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd and how to handle the downers if a Gig gets refused on your first attempt.


Level up Dude!

A new addition to the Fiverr set up. Levels help you to get even more work from Fiverr as potential buyers see your stand out ratings. We give you the low down on how to make the most of this essential progression.


What Should you Sell on Fiverr?

From the wacky to the serious business pro. We share with you the things that will get you paid on Fiverr.


Leverage Your Asset

If you decide this all seems like way too much hard work for you, then do not fear. In this video we show you how to take advantage of this micro site and make the moolah from others hard work and talent!


The Go to Giggers

We reveal some top giggers. This will help you to see how to do things right and even where to recruit your own great talent if you want to just be the leverage guy or gal!


What if any are the Alternatives to Fiverr?

We look at the options and our own recommendations on the alternatives to using Fiverr.


I know. Fiverr... Really? Possible to make money? You Betcha! If you set it all up right from the get go and learn how to play their system the right way. You too could become a Top Rated Seller and Making a good income from this Micro Job Site.

Hours of research went into creating this video course to help you build your own profitable business. We did the grunt work to save you all the hassle and time and let you focus on making money from the start.

If you are a home alone worker or a wannabee business empire guru, this course will show you how its all possible and for more than just $5 per Gig too!

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To your future Success





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I may take this down at anytime or even make it an upsell offer, so grab your free bonus today when you order fast!

P.S = For every day that passes from now, its a day when you gave up the opportunity to increase your profit potential, all because you were too afraid to take the obvious and necessary next step your business needs. Do not fall victim to this one small hurdle when you have already come this far!